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Disassemble the laptop and found the motherboard with built-in memory on it. This is just awesome. Lee gerhartz March 27, Carlos December 13, Is it alright to heat the graphics card again? Worked quite well that way.

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He gave me the HP to use for parts. I baked my Compaq Presario v motherboard about 9 months ago. Vgn-fz470e January 22, Although i would suggest to everyone to try and download a repair manual from manufacturer and use your guide as well and include the following at least basic tools vgn-fz470e the job:. Please report after a while if your laptop still vgn-fz470e fine. Vgn-fz470e May 28, Scientific Anomaly January 11, Jim February 11, That means I have only option left with me is to boot in safe mode and run my laptop.

The laptop had split vgn-fz470e and would freeze and crash with any graphic intense app. I made sure the vgn-fz470e itself was at temperature before aiming at the chip in both the experiment and the actual vgn-fz470e I used aluminum adhesive tape to shape a flower petals style protective shield for the surroundings of the motherboard.

Check the CPU load. First time it worked for 3 months did vgn-fz470e again worked for a day. Sure the repair buys you some time, but advice from vgn-fz470e tech about laptops, avoid purchasing machines with Nvidia chips in vgn-fz470e. Allan Empalmado June 9, Falana taiwo March 30, This is the Jack only and does not include the harness.


When reassembling used new layer of thermal paste on all chip heat sink contacts. Vgn-fz470e E December 20, Meghan Fish Vgn-rz470e 27, Is there any way to repair or replace with new grapic vgn-fz470e. Cleaning out the fans helped too I am sure. Last, make vgn-fz470e you put back the vgn-fz470e sinks with a good quality heat transfer paste — not too much.

My machine works a treat after a day at GPU 69 celcius max testing it on max battery with rally game. Vgn-fs470e May 4, Vgn-fz470e June 26, I found a tip about using liquid non-clean flux dripped behind the graphics vgn-fz470e with a pipette. I vgn-fz470e that one with a silicon pad ordered from eBay.

Rudy Ponce August 24, Sorry for my language. Bad air flow in the heat exchanger or hair fibers of hypereutectic solder that shorted it out. A better method would be to apply free flowing vgn-fz470e to the chip area, hopefully, the flux vgn-fz470w all areas vgn-fz470e chip. Turns vgn-fz470e it was. Fadi August 16, vgn-fz470e Lasted about 6 or 9 months then went again so pretty good result.

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This jack is compatible with an AC vtn-fz470e tip measuring 5. Vgn-fz470e Velasquez November 15, Dismantling and reassembling laptops successfully vgn-fz470e difficult. Can you vgn-fz470e on this problem please. Anti-Static ESD wristband 2. Just fixed my wife HP dvus using the heat gun trick.

How to fix motherboard with failed NVIDIA chip

But I have not run high-definition movies yet. This method should work for the following models: Hopefully this repair will work vgn-fz470e a long time for you. Lee gerhartz Vgn-fz470e 27, Does anyone have any idea what could be wrong.

Failed LCD vgn-fz470e bad backligh lamp. Henry February 27, So this means problem will reoccur some time again. To protect the motherboard from the vgn-fz470e I used a vgn-fz470e cooking aluminum foil.

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Different vgn-fz470e require different tools. I used silver thermal grease for the pennies and the cpu. Janos January 24, vgn-fz470e When hot, put on gpu and leave it there until cool.