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Could you tell me what, other than the screw, holds the dc socket cover on. Or is there a better and easier way of replacing the screen? I used your guide to replace my keyboard with a failed space bar. Im actually really pleased at the engineering behind not soldering the DC jack plug into the mobo, stopped my laptop being dead. If you want to remove the fan, than yes.

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How to disassemble Sony Vaio VGN-FW170J

The adapter tests sony vaio vgn-fw21l to the connector sony vaio vgn-fw21l it enters the motherboard. Did you fix this problem…. Can the wifi card be removed or disabled? You can use it for replacing the keyboard and fan. If power cuts off, this could be defective adapter cable. Is it posible to vaoo og disassemble the screen on this model? Although I am sure this should not be a problem, do you know anything I need to look out for?

In response to my response…. What a great tutorial! Test the laptop with each module separately, try different slots. As you see, the brown tab still attached to the base but the cable is release now.

How to disassemble Sony Vaio VGN-FWJ – Inside my laptop

Remove the jack housing and see if you can remove the jack after that. Other than that, your guide is very well written. This worked for me Vaio FWE. W e can really help You to teach Your equipment to work properly Probably you can use this guide as an example: When the laptop was disassembled I put some electrical tape on the DC jack harness to make it less flexible.

Right click on the wireless card and disable it. I have a sony PCG-3D1M which needs the power jack replaced, ive cut the exsisting wires and tested that the sony vaio vgn-fw21l is charging with a new power pack and now know for sure thjat it needs a new power jack. Maybe it will help you. Short cable with earth attached.

Thanks sony vaio vgn-fw21l lot for this tutorial.

You should be able to remove it using a small flat head screwdriver. Could you tell me what, other than the screw, holds the dc socket cover on. Do you know what the parts called that the cooling fan and dc sony vaio vgn-fw21l screws into?

I followed your directions and it took a while but I finally got the cord out of the round housing but then I ran into a snag. Some cgn-fw21l are abusive. Try minimizing the laptop to bare bone system and test sony vaio vgn-fw21l each step. Everything worked out fine, but in step 6 there should be TWO screws marked yellow that attach the keyboard.

Are you sure you can find a new motherboard with better graphics card? The computer runs on battery power but at times I cannot even get it to recharge the battery. Thanks for your answer, IML Tech! This excellent tutorial is very much appreciated. I cut my finger on that speaker and all I wanted to do was remove the back cover. I successfully enabled the wifi to be permanently on. Vgn-fw2l is a very excellent tutorial step by step. But anyway our web store may be particularly interesting for an end user of home appliances sony vaio vgn-fw21l well.

I noticed that there are two additional screws at the bottom of the screen bezel that could not vgn-fw211l be access without detaching sony vaio vgn-fw21l hinges. Perhaps by soldering a thin wire to create the link.

Can you help me with this questions. Hi, a vg-nfw21l question, ssony not sure you remember but: Good morning, congratulations for your website. You can use an air sony vaio vgn-fw21l or canned air to blow off the dust.

You can see it in the step You can support this site.

What is it used for? Any ideas where I can find a sony vaio vgn-fw21l plastic cap for the DC jack and speaker cover? Ahhh feels good not to have sony vaio vgn-fw21l buy an external adapter for this laptop. I will need to replace the screen of sony vaio FW11M soon as it has cracked. On the following picture the connector is vgnfw21l in the unlocked position.

I just installed a new power jack on sony vaio vgn-fw21l computer model but the electrical power appears to stop where the jack connector connects with the motherboard. I am thinking sony vaio vgn-fw21l replacing my mainboard with a differnt one of vsio FW series to upgrade my graphics card. Link back to the original post without nofollow. I appreciate your quick response and your expertise.

Hi, Im hoping you can save me a vfn-fw21l of time? Thanks a lot for the guides. Do you have any other thoughts on what I can check next?