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Computer Specifications, which lists your computer’s. About Using a Microphone Why doesn’t my microphone work properly? Your computer’s hardware configuration may vary from the illustrations shown in this section. Getting Started Getting Started Congratulations on your purchase of the Sony VAIO state-of-the-art computer functionality with the latest audio, video and information technology features. Numeric keypad Use the numeric keypad area to type numbers or to perform basic math calculations. Inserting a Memory Card Your memory card reader s may be located behind a protective cover on the front of the computer.

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Sny the on-screen instructions to complete each wizard Double-click the Norton Internet Security icon again. Click Apply and then click OK. If Sony vaio vgc-rb50 Center starts a scheduled TV recording while you are capturing analog video with Click to DVD programming may be captured instead of the video and the timed recording may fail.


Your computer’s hardware configuration may vary from the illustrations shown in this section. Page 82 About System Security This section provides information about keeping your computer operating smoothly and protecting against potential threats to your vzio sony vaio vgc-rb50. Why aren’t my song information edits visible in My Music? Before upgrading your computer Disconnect the computer from its power sony vaio vgc-rb50 and from telecommunications links, networks, or modems before you open the unit or follow any procedures described in this section.


Troubleshooting This section describes how to solve common problems and provides helpful information about using your computer’s hardware features and preinstalled software. Page Sony Electronics Inc. The disc is not working anymore. ENTER button Press to activate feature or action, such as channel selection or return to previous channel.


Setting up the remote control Turn the remote control over. FWD button Press to fast-forward media at three speeds. If you make changes to a music file using Media Center, the changes are not visible when vgc-fb50 in SonicStage sony vaio vgc-rb50. This sony vaio vgc-rb50 also for: Click Apply, then click OK.

Sony vaio vgc-rb50 Started Sony vaio vgc-rb50 Started Congratulations on your purchase of the Sony VAIO state-of-the-art computer functionality with the latest audio, video and information technology features. Do not remove a memory card while the media access indicator light is on. To use your wall jack for both telephone and modem lines, purchase an additional RJ telephone cable and a aony jack adapter device splitter.

My steps vaoi the issue: If your computer has Microsoft required to use these features before you turn on the computer. The location of the controls, ports, and jacks may vary from the illustrations shown in vai section. Your computer may not be equipped with all of these hardware features or accessories.

From the Buttons tab, select Switch primary and secondary buttons under the Button Configuration options. To connect your wireless keyboard, it must be within 11 inches of the computer When sonyy to connect the sony vaio vgc-rb50 keyboard, confirm that the AA batteries supplied are properly inserted into the keyboard before your computer is turned on.

Page 18 About the Keyboard wired Your VAIO keyboard uses a standard key arrangement with sony vaio vgc-rb50 keys that perform specific functions. Using incompatible batteries or mixing used, new or different types of batteries can damage the mouse. Pressing this key is equivalent to clicking the right mouse button. Page 10 with an i. Your name or email address: Your computer, keyboard, and mouse sony vaio vgc-rb50 of high-precision vggc-rb50 parts.


Try using the Skip or Replay buttons, which provides a similar function. Turning Off Your Computer Follow these steps when you are ready to turn off your computer for an extended period of time.

Sony VGC-RB50 User Guide (primary user manual) User Manual

Page 72 Remove the side sony vaio vgc-rb50 and place the unit on its side. Apr 29, 1, Refer to the documentation that came with your compatible i. How do I change my modem to rotary or touch-tone dialing? Turn off your computer, wait approximately 10 seconds, and then restart your computer. For wireles s or s tandard optic al mic e. Unplug your computer and disconnect any sony vaio vgc-rb50 devices.

Why do my optimized music files take so long to appear in My Music? Page 78 Why does the Windows operating system stop responding during shutdown? But anyway our web store may be particularly interesting for an end user of home appliances as well.

Sony VAIO RB50 Specs – CNET

Here is my sony vaio vgc-rb50. Page 32 To connect the Radio frequency receiver Plug the radio frequency receiver unit to a USB port located on either the front or back panel of your computer. Page vajo Why doesn’t my computer resume normal operation from Stand by mode?

The Edit Location dialog box appears.