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We are not responsible for any inconvinience resulting on the use of this website’s information. Create your Samsung Account. I work in a dead-zone building. Skip to main content. So later on some backgrounds like clear white – u can actually see that burnout icons – they are very transparent, little of yellowish color in my case. The exterior of the Samsung Focus has a 3.

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Our local city operator req uested the code. Send another email Back to Share This. Sign up with Google. Adjust contrast, saturation, add effects, adjust resolution, and save your favorite settings. Create your Samsung Account First Name.

You may also like. This isn’t bad, but it’s different and takes getting used to.

Cell Phones

Dark Gray Choice of colors exterior design that a model is currently available in. You can use Windows Phone Connector 7 if you are syncing to a Mac.

Live tile notifications alert you to incoming communications from your email, voicemail, Facebook, text messaging, and more according to your preferences.

So later on some backgrounds like clear white – u can actually see that burnout icons – they are very transparent, little of yellowish color in my case. I can sth-i677 right up on stuff. This content is provided ‘as is’ and is subject to change or removal at any time.


I work in a dead-zone building. But winphone platform definetely should take some market, its good. About the OS I just found that the offer of apps, specially free, is still a little bit small, but I think this problem will be solved in a while. Sgh-l677, even the speaker is good.

Samsung Focus Flash (SGH-i) – Review and Specs – Compare Before Buying

No wonder Microsoft has no market share If there are any comments can be posted, it would be splendit for me – write few words about my english writing skills. Samsung reports a 6. Did you forget your password? The main technical flaw or issue, whatever you call it – despite the perfect condition, and virgin screen surface – it appears that something wrong was with screen – AMOLED dunno remember concrete techology of screen.

Nice price, good battery, user-friendly, lack of apps I’ve bought this cellphone as an experiment to know more about Windows Phones.

Samsung designed this cellphone with a interesting 3. Anecdotically – screen, being active and used with a static image some sgh-i6777, – like ssgh-i677 square interface can – how it say sgh-o677 burnit out. The user interface of the Windows phone is great and very intuitive. If no update is found for your phone the first thing you want to do is connect your phone to another computer on a different network.


My best phone ever. Your message has been sent. I always was curious about using a windows phone, so I decided to give this phone a try. Your temporary password has been sent Check your email to validate your new password and access your account.

The windows marketplace still doesn’t have that good of a selection of apps compared to the other guys, but it has everything I’ll ever need eBay, amazon, YouTube, etc.

Specs – AT&T Cell Phones SGH-I | Samsung Cell Phones

This thread is locked. It can also shoot videos in HD x Also, if WP ever has an update for itself Im not talking about updates for apps then it’s really a hassle. I am experienced it user, so all the settings some considered they as a hidden in winphone platform.