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But you said the motherboard works fine when removed from the case, it means the jack is fine. My daughter has a Compaq Presario V laptop. Test your laptop with another working memory. Device manager does not recognize that it is there. In cases when it successfully boots up, it is always possible that it stop working at any moment.

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Then after 5 seconds it repeats the cycle. I take the battery out and the computer is plugged into the adapter and the computer will not turn on at all. Just a satellite a135 s4656 xp watellite somehow i dont think thats the problem, but one never knows. Fan kicks in, appears to boot, but nothing on screen. Now it wont turn on anymore…. Memory can be a problem because as soon as you turn s4665 any computer the video rom bios address is copied into a set memory address before initialising same as the bootable partition a55 hex.

First of all, if you have important files on the hard drive you can recover them using an external USB enclosure. Plugged in the old power pack worked for a couple hours then I shutdown but when I went to reboot, nada.

ASUS will not help me either. This utility provides satellitee satellite a135 s4656 xp user-friendly way to change the BIOS settings. Satelite sure the laptop is powered down.

I think it might be the a13 problem. Can you boot the laptop to the BIOS setup menu when the hard drive is removed? If you see an invitation to press the F2 key to enter Setup, do so. One day our laptop just turned off. Downward pressure on the keyboard worked for a while to unfreeze the laptop, but progressively satellite a135 s4656 xp worse.

I believe it may just be the leads for the Wifi antenna, but perhaps not. On the bottom of the laptop zatellite be RAM cover. Then the laptop screen goes black and the laptop remains running. Next time I turn it on, it shows the acer screen and then goes dead. Again if I figit with the button, I satellite a135 s4656 xp it to work for a second then it happens again.

Whats like a permanent solution. Thanks for the great article.

Motherboard like in most cases it has onboard graphics chip. In my satellite a135 s4656 xp the fan and hdd spin up for about 5 seconds and then shut off, but the power light satellite a135 s4656 xp on. Hello, I have a Sony Vaio laptop, it went dead about a year ago, then about a week ago when I was cleaning my closet I plugged it in and it worked fine.

I think i should have left the GB hard drive in as Windows 7 worked a dream, but i wanted to use a larger hard drive. Unplug the power adapter, remove the battery.

This is a common problem with HP NC, you could try this to confirm a motherboard problem. I suspect it is not charging the battery or what ever switches from ac to battery is not working. SOmetime the noise becomes hugh and I have to switch off the laptop.

Laptop is dead. How to troubleshoot.

Try removing memory modules one by one and start the laptop with each module separately. Thanks fro having a place to ask quetions. After I press and hold the power button again, satellite a135 s4656 xp beep sound stop and the laptop shut off.

Saying that though the motherboard was probably fried.

BIOS Setup / BIOS settings — access instructions

Try turning on the laptop without these components satellit. But the slightest movement such as shifting with it in my lap would cause the sateklite to either go blank or create vertical lines.

I had the same problem a few months ago and sent it in for repair. The power supply was 3. Is there any solution to enable the dead ram in the board? My usb ports starting shutting down when using a wireless mouse, then computer started freezing up when working hard several windows open with video running.

Can you test the AC adapter and find out if the voltage output is correct? HWSetup was pre-installed on all but early Toshiba notebook models. I will keep researching to find someone out there willing teach more advance satellits repairing laptop motherboard. Other laptops may use different key combinations. If i boot in normal the satellite a135 s4656 xp screen.

This gives satellite a135 s4656 xp visuals on how to do it.

Laptop is dead. How to troubleshoot. | Laptop Repair

Could be loose connection somewhere inside the laptop. The laptop starts but there is no backlight. And when I push the heat sink, the noise disappears but the laptop stays freeze and I have to turn it off and on satellite a135 s4656 xp. This notebook HP pavilion DVus will turn on 2 seconds, then off 2 seconds continually until you press a button and then sateloite will stay on but there is a black screen.