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About Us Employment Privacy Policy. There is a cable way to keep the power and video cables in check as they go behind the desk. The T works off of either an Analog or Digital DVI video cable and will allow you to switch between the two if you are using two different computers for instance. Unfortunately though, it is an LCD monitor, and the maximum resolution is only x The previous testers forgot to put the power supply unit into the box, and in that way they rendered Samsung a bad service, otherwise I wouldn’t notice that the company uses non-standard power supply units. The enclosed Pivot program changes the image from landscape to portrait and you can easily and more comfortably read and adjust documents and Internet sites. How do I find my model number?

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The T breaks with a lot samsung syncmaster 191t tradition because the bezel is only 18mm wide, or about the width of a thumb. Until I waited for it to be delivered I tried others and understood that it was a problem to find an appropriate replacement: Very hardy, well built, reliable product.

We’re here to help. If the display is connected by the digital DVI cable no adjustments will be necessary. It’s no good even if one firm leaves the market. So, the monitor has no chance in dynamic images, even if compared with universal models I don’t mention fast TN models at all. At least, no samsung syncmaster 191t produces 22″ and over TNW matrices.


HP acquired Samsung’s global printing business in I have also samsung syncmaster 191t a few Samsung TV’s and other products. Its disadvantage can be lesser setup options.

While this menu system is not quite as lush as that of the MP series, samsung syncmaster 191t is a marked improvement over what we have come to expect from standard CRT displays. If you need a quick response then click Chat Now below, or send us an email and we will get back to you as samsung syncmaster 191t as we can. Think out something else. Everyone knows about them! Well, it really makes the monitor seem slimmer, and in environments where you want to focus on other things then beige it helps to keep the focus on what is on the screen instead.

One for Red, one for Blue, and another for Green. The monitor looks massive, though it isn’t samsung syncmaster 191t difficult to carry it by Subway than Acer’s one. I have never had a single problem. Skip to main content.

T | Samsung Support UK

The left and right motions are decidedly poor due to a asmsung that is hard to turn, but it can be done with a bit of effort. We found only when the monitor is tilted back all the way such a depth be achieved. Samsung syncmaster 191t so you are probably thinking, “19” LCD, isn’t that kind of an odd size?

Now the most thrilling part of our story. The samsung syncmaster 191t was a bit heavy weighing in at 19 pounds. When comparing LCD displays there are four things ssyncmaster look for.


The stand is of high quality and is very stable. The T works off of either an Analog or Digital DVI video cable and will allow you to switch between the two syncmsater you are using two different computers for instance. Excellent image, features and price. Imagine the pain and lifting necessary to move a 19″ 52 pound CRT display up or down an inch!

The stand samsung syncmaster 191t we mentioned is removable, and attaches to samsung syncmaster 191t pane via mm VESA mounting points. But I wish the connectors had caps on.

Samsung 191T 19” LCD

The pixel clock speed determines how fast the video frequency can go at and sometimes the lower it is, the more you can see the monitor is holding back. The viewing angles are not that bad, but the advantage over other monitors if you use them in a usual samsung syncmaster 191t i.

DVD viewing was good samsung syncmaster 191t exhibited ghosting syncmastsr fast scenes and it could get really annoying. They are used heavily for everything from video games, to homework, to watching movies.

This is partially due to the 25ms response time and slow pixel clock speed frequency.