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Principles of Operation 2 – 10 Pacemark Page Replace the power supply unit or connection cable. Sensor Board lprw 4. The TSBs are issued monthly. If the paper does not move, the auto-load motion becomes invalid and is treated like an ordinary paper-end condition. Has the ribbon been replaced as recommended? Release the lock of connector CN10 1 and detach the operator panel cable 2.

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Remove the belt pulley 5 from the bracket 6 and detach the space belt 7. Remove the two mounting screws 3.

Failure Analysis 4 – 10 Pacemark Service Handbook Oki pacemark 3410 Is the problem resolved? Power from the space motor is transferred via the space belt, which is attached to the bottom of the carriage. The voltages for the various electrical components motors, sensors, etc. Partner Exchange BPX for oki pacemark 3410 updates to this material. Pacemark Service Handbook i – 7 Course Administration Replace the bottom tractor assembly.

Options Available through a Third Party Vendor.

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Bottom Head Gap Lever Setting: Item 16, Bottom Guide Plate Mylar is the mylar sheet which extends from the bottom of the printer mechanism.


Remanufactured Oki pacemark 3410, 24 pin, cps. Brand New Wide, 24pin, cps, Network. Head Cable Assembly 6. When assembling the printer, do not allow cables to get caught under the printer mechanism. Are the cables to CN1 and CN5 on the main logic board connected correctly? The Top of Form is the place on the page where printing starts.

Oki pacemark 3410 the two motor screws 1. Page The information in this section will help you make a serial cable to connect between the printer and computer. Oki pacemark 3410 Receiving Failure Replace the interface connector board.

Lower the paper support. Detach the head cable assembly 2 from the carriage. Remanufactured Narrow, 9 pin, cps, Network.

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Set the head gap adjusting lever to the range 9 position. All Other Returns 3. When changing paper paths oki pacemark 3410 paper type, be sure to adjust the printhead gap lever.

Font Sample Test 7. Free Webinar Series Here. Head Cable Assembly Page: Technical Training Group realizes that service technicians have valuable experience, knowledge, and opinions.

The following oki pacemark 3410 are covered. Failure to perform these procedures could result in unnecessary service calls.

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Does the release lever microswitch function correctly? YES Replace the main logic board. If it does not, remove the cause of the binding.


When the printer advances to the next page, it stops at the top oli form. Wrong Character, Character Omiss Replace the bail motor. The carriage is designed to move 1. Bottom Head Gap Lever Setting: Are the cables from CN3 and CN7 on the main logic board correctly connected to the power supply unit?

The voltages for the main logic board are supplied by the power supply unit. Format Format The format oki pacemark 3410 this appendix is a series of tables with diagrams. Paper Bail Assembly Spring: Every six months or Operating Oki pacemark 3410 2.

Remove the upper cover assembly 3. Cleaning procedures must be oki pacemark 3410 correctly if high print quality is to be achieved. Replace the ribbon cartridge. Rotate the platen pulley at least once before making the adjustment 3. We Buy Contact Us. Failure Analysis 4 – 22 Pacemark Service Handbook