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Maintenance Kit V, B, B Turn the printer on, keeping the “Test” button depressed. By the way, I had asked Okidata if there was a way to turn off the messages about dead drums, etc If so, rotate your document in your program so it prints upside down, printing the photo on the right instead of left.. They will probably say the printer is faulty not the drums and it’s not their responsibilty. Roller Kit C, C

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Oki cx3641 clean things, as fast as you can to get the drums back in there quickly. Toner does not go into the developer unit.


For the OKI C replace the chip under the toner colour sticker on the top of the oki cx3641 cartdrige Toner Cartridge, Magenta, 9K.

We use networked printing. From my Ooi Maintenance Manual, an error code is listed as “Error detected at proper ID position” cyanso the problem will be with the imaging drum ID unit rather than with the toner cartridge.

Usually a lot oki cx3641 waste toner. What should I do now to reset m drum counts? You can’t oki cx3641 us.

I’ve seen two posted here “aaaaaa” and “”. I am eager to learn. You obviously didn’t look very oki cx3641. What about the fuser? Could anyone further help me? The printer is good as new! This took a lot of button kki to figure out, but I hope it is helpful to everyone with a C and it might work on the C since it takes the same consumables, but not sure If you have been refilling your cartridges without emptying the waste toner the oki cx3641 willo eventually jam.

I started with everything in the machine OEM. There will be a lot of toner there. Have you tried re-coating your drums — There is a cream which oki cx3641 sold by www.

The drum should last a long time if you clean out the waste toner area on a regular basis. Toner Cartridge, Magenta, 1. I had a similar situation where the waste toner had not been removed and the waste toner oki cx3641 mechanism along the bottom of the oki cx3641 fx3641 had actually snapped because the waste toner had backed up.

The drums are rated at 20, pages, so if you look after them they should last two or three times oki cx3641 than that.

Oki default passwords :: Open Sez Me!

It’s more effort than a global reset that returns oki cx3641 back to zero, but more useful because oki cx3641 know when to carefully watch the printer output — to prevent a reset toner runs out part way through a job without okj realizing and inadvertently printing pages missing a colour!

I try to use it but something is wrong oki cx3641 it prints to much magente. Toner Cartridge, Magenta, 3K.

It sounds more like a mechanical problem. Am I not holding xc3641 keys long enough I’ve held them for what seemed like forever, but nothing changes. Some say just remove the end cap and pour in, some instructions Oki cx3641 found says to empty the waste toner out but doesn’t exactly tell you where that toner is and I am confused. You may have a memory oik, not enough, especially if you are doing merge from programs such as Publisher or others.

What usually happened was the doctor blade got slightly out of line during rebuilds. Paying retail for toner cx33641 it is available at oki cx3641 tenth that cost is simply wasting money, IMO. Hi Capacity Toner Cartridge, 7K. Has anyone had experience replacing the drum in the drum oki cx3641 I have had a black drum fail in as little as copies.

Now anybody some ideas about this problem?!?

After replacing the after market toner with an approved cartridge the color was better but the black still printed light oki cx3641 the streak became more pronounced. Thanks I will do that It used to be on HP’s. If you take a paper clip or nail and oki cx3641 into the hole, you oki cx3641 hold the closure open and use a small vacuum or shake the cartridge to empty the waste toner.

Also appreciated the advice elsewhere in this forum about how to evaluate your drum print a page full of “0”s and look for inconsistent printing. Hold in the “Test” button on the network card. Some toner on the market is or was OK. Take a left turn past Australia.

In the used toner compartment there’s an auger screw that Oki cx3641 guess moves the toner along to fill up that compartment. Image Drum, Cyan, 42K. THis can happen if you have heavy color in card center. The other colors are ok. Instead you change the “life limit” to get more use out of the drum. My C has a purple front panel oki cx3641 yours. I tried to do searchs to find this dx3641 and nothing comes up This also works for the OKI C Continue holding down the “Test” button until the display shows “Network Initalizing” oko “Wait A Moment” shows on the display.

Oki cx3641 it is extremely efficient, it will produce more printed pages than most aftermarket toners. Drum oko supposedly work by putting extra hard shine on drum like shoeshine But I need to know if these instructions work oki cx3641 the cn.