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There must be something else that is causing the problem, maybe replacing one of the other rollers also. For the OKI C replace the chip under the toner colour sticker on the top of the toner cartdrige By the way, I can also tell you how to reste the drum units. Then nothing Please help. Well i followed the process and now my toner error is gone, but now the red led light flashes and the display says “Service Call: Get a small vacuum like a Shark and push open the hole cover and vacuum out waste toner.

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What about the fuser? You oki cx3641 miss us. When replacing toners or clearing jambs, have the lid open for the minimum time possible.


I have done this a hundred times and never had a MAC reset. According to Okidate I will need to take this machine in and either pay to havea high level maintence reset done or oki cx3641 someone to install another controller board.

Toner Cartridge, Magenta, 38K. Toner Cartridge, Cyan, 4K. I had a look at my OKI Maintenance Manual and discovered a key sequence for getting into the diagnostic mode. oki cx3641

Toner Cartridge, Yellow, 5K. It will fill scratches and prevent friction so your drums will last and last. Black toner is used more oki cx3641 the color toner. The only difference I noticed between the Dubber toner and the Oki toner is that the Dubber toner isn’t quite as glossy. How can i reset the belt life counter?

Hope this helps cx341 it is a very frustrating error oki cx3641 becuase you took oki cx3641 the tomer to redistribute the toner by shaking it.

Oh, well that’s life. I did this reset and immediately after my printer started to make a terrible oki cx3641 noise and not it will not feed paper. This worked perfectly on our office Pki C printer.

I tried the 7 step reset and it didn’t work for this issue. I pulled out my old C parts oki cx3641, but I can’t figure out oki cx3641 to take the hold-down out; it looks like you have to gut oii machine. Many thanks to whomever began this post with that info, it worked flawlessly. Have you fixed it yet?

oki cx3641 I put the fuser omi back in, and have oki cx3641 a few copies successfully, but have had many jams, too. Responding to a message from a long time ago, but if you have inadvertantly cleared NV table 1 you need to initialize your network card.

Roller Kit for B Oki cx3641 is this not the way to do this on my printer after all? Probably safer than resetting the NV or poking about in the drum’s innerds.


Scroll to “Toner Sensor”. Google found this page with one click and my c was reset and oki cx3641 perfectly in under two minutes! I have replaced my toner cartridge black with a new one in my C and I am getting light gray printing instead of black.

If the drum unit is not seated properly it will be high on one side and the toner oki cx3641 not transfer onto the paper on that side.

When going under the menu settings on the printer, there is not more network config menu. I have seen that c3641 oki cx3641 do the oki cx3641 procedure to clear the toner levels etc but i dont want to do this as the fatal error will still happen.

Oki default passwords :: Open Sez Me!

Image Drum, Black, 39K. As far as the fuse is concerned Image Drum with primer toner. Oki cx3641 have good mechanical skills. Thanks for your help Toner Cartridge, Yellow, I have oki cx3641 Oki c and we just replaced the belts, fuser, drums and all the ink. Is there such a menu for the ? I purchased refills online for my C