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If you need to set minutes too, double click on corresponding time and you will see a picture that looks just like below. Breakage or trouble made by wrong power voltage or frequency. I bought this system from local vendor I am from Malaysia, the vendor is far away from my company location so can’t come to onside service. After following all the advice that I could find which is not much on the net no document came with the card it still was not reliable when starting, hanging on loading display driver. DigiNet Function Guide 1. I alt-tabbed and hit enter, which did allow it to complete the loading of the program, but it says “cannot connect to drivers” or something to that affect. In order to record sound, a sound card or an exclusive audio board should be installed.

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Avoid any place that has high moisture, dust or black dirt. When i start the diginet site software it writes that it koodicom the display driver.

Time display format by country can be set up in [Setup]. Wed Apr 02, 7: Select from list according to the type and location of installed camera, control, and sensor.


Ex For setting camera no. Win2k folder and choose the driver beginning with SD Designated number is not the number for the images but it is an internal value for DigiNet program. Page 63 or X PAL: Health Monitor ……………………………………………………………80 You must enter site code.

Kodicom DigiNet DigiNet Site(V) User Guide – ppt download

Input camera number of related camera that will detect and record related motion at the same time. You need to reboot dislpay system when the PPP setup is done.

Screen quality improves as you set to higher lkad but file size per screen frame will increase. Dvrnet load display driver? I alt-tabbed and hit enter, which did allow it to complete the loading of the program, but it says “cannot connect to drivers” or something to that affect.

KODICOM DigiNet Center(v) User Guide DigiNet. – ppt download

Setup time will be ignored if the recording time was set earlier than the current time. Select your settings for audio play back. Ex Siren, lamp, or alarming lamp. And my first job is fixing all of security which is integrated on Kodicom Diginet Site System.

Tue Feb 27, 7: DigiNet Function Guide 1. Enter the site code and the password, and click on the Log In button. Deleting A Backup Schedule Enter key. Page 12 Caution Power Set up Do not overturn the product under use.


Kodicom DigiNet DigiNet Site(V4.100) User Guide

Change to search mode …………………… Front side ……………………………………………………………… 2. However, there might be cases that you need to setup manually when there are a few dial-up servers depending on the ISDN modem. Double-click DigiNet icon and run Center program.

Diginet starts and stays on “Load diplay drive. Once a user selects an emergency message displayed on an emergency message display window and select [Health], Health Monitor program is directly run and a connection to a related site becomes available.

Above is the default spec. Wed Jul 05, 4: Then select [Del] button to delete the schedule.

Select Watermark check to verify the image.