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It was first demonstrated to the public at the PlayStation Experience event in August with four minigames. Did you make this project? File comes with a way to adjust cam options like brightness and hue aswell. Chat – a videophone system for use with the network adapter EyeToy: Sony Computer Entertainment America. As you are saying you are running Windows 10 on your PC, I guess you are running the 64 bits version, aren’t you?

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It will find the driver and install it for eydtoy. Even if many years goes by, I would like a response out of sheer curiosity and persistence.

Sony PlayStation 2 Ps2 EyeToy USB Camera

The camera is manufactured uwb Logitech known as “Logicool” in Japanalthough newer EyeToys are manufactured by Namtai. Focusing the camera is performed by rotating a ring around the lens.

Go to the eyetoy usb camera for ps2 administrator, and once there, install the driver using the “update driver” by clicking over the camra icon the right button of your mouse. Countries like the US and Japan are 60hz countries, if you don’t know what area you live in you can google search a list of 50hz countries.

This eyetoy usb camera for ps2 players to interact with games using motioncolor detection and also sound, through its built-in microphone. We have a be nice policy. It was released in October By the end eyetpy the year, the EyeToy sold over 2 million units in Europe andunits in the United States. It comes with two LED lights on the front.

Turn an Eyetoy Into a USB Webcam

Cameo licenses the head creation technology Digimask. The first thing you want to do is check out what model you have. Select install from a list or specified location Advanced.

The rest of this document will show you step-by-step procedure of installing the Eye Toy driver on your Windows XP system. This article is about the PlayStation 2 accessory. Next you want to proceed to download the file you selected.

Sony PlayStation 2 Ps2 EyeToy USB Camera | eBay

A Day at the Races Blast! You have to download the 64 bits of this driver if you can’t find it, drop me a line and I’ll upload for you.

Now it’s time to install the driver.

I tried installing both drivers, but neither work. The EyeToy is a color digital camera device, similar to a webcamfor the PlayStation ysb.

Tip Don’t know your country’s power frequency? As you are saying you are running Windows 10 on your PC, Eyehoy guess you are running the 64 bits version, aren’t you?

First thing to do is to download the foe. Articles Forums Latest Search Wiki. Haven’t tried it with other version of the Eye Toy, nor other versions of Microsoft Windows.

Eye toy usb camera(for playstation 2)

Did you make this project? Entertainment Ltd EyeToy Play: Archived from the original Windows Media v7 on Originally called the iToy short for “interactive toy” by the Eyetoy usb camera for ps2 branch, the webcam was later renamed to the EyeToy by Harrison. Please help me find a way to make this work on my laptop, Windows 32 vista Thank you.

If eyetoy usb camera for ps2 have one of the older ones it should be a logitech, if you have the newer silver one it should be a namtai. Chat – a sp2 system for use with the network adapter EyeToy: The camera is mounted on a pivot, allowing for positioning.

I can’t really vor any of the contents to work independently, so I have no way to directly install a driver through the device manager or the file contents.