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Thanks again for commenting and have a great week! How did you hard reboot into safe mode??? Everything works once more! Have a great night, -J. It worked like charm!! I then re-enabled it and all was good.

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Hi metatech, Thank you for the brightness tip for Optimus enabled laptops. Hi jyots, Thank you dell latitude e6430 bcm20702a0 your comment. Hello Mike, Thank you for your kind comment and compliment. How did you hard reboot into safe mode??? You can find more info dell latitude e6430 bcm20702a0 Man yo the best, instantly and kapum… it just worked within seconds, me am giving it a six stars rating, i do not care if they are not there.

Dell laptop brightness adjustment stuck [SOLVED]

The e looks like a lovely laptop, glad to here the same technique works on it. Hi Jonathan, Glad to hear the tip worked well on your E!

Hi Harold, Thank you for your very nice comment. Hi Bro Thanks for this wonderful trick. Thank you so much I have tried everything and then came across this.

Thank you for your nice comment Jeremiah, I am very glad it helped! I am using Dell dell latitude e6430 bcm20702a0 model Dell latitude e6430 bcm20702a0 Ste, Thank you for your comment.

Your solution worked instantly. I am glad I saw your post! Dell latitude e6430 bcm20702a0 worked like charm!! Thanks again for commenting and have a great week! No different at all. Thank you, this trick latituse worked on the my Lenovo laptop. I would specifically try to do this with the laptop NOT connected to an external monitor, just using the internal laptop LCD display.

Your fix worked on the first try with my Inspiron I had to reboot the laptop between disabling dell latitude e6430 bcm20702a0 enabling the driver.

Hi Alceste, Thank you for the feedback, I am very happy that you were able to get your Dell brightness adjustment to work! Wow, thank you very much as this saves me very much time and frustration! How do you like your M? Good luck and have a great day! Everything works once more!

Hi Luis, Glad to hear the Dell latitude e6430 bcm20702a0 brightness tip worked for you! But is is possible to re-enable the screen with the keyboard: Dell latitude e6430 bcm20702a0 Steve, Thank you for your nice comment.

Thank you Vassy, glad it worked! I am very glad this brightness tip worked for you!

Or does it just not work at all? I am very glad this tip helped fix your laptop. Managed to enable adapter but no change in brightness function. Hello Sufarsan, You are very welcome! Dear Eric, Thank you for your comment. The screen also becomes permanently black when disabling the Intel adapter, until rebooting in safe dell latitude e6430 bcm20702a0 and re-enabling the adapter.

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Hi shanme, Thank you for your nice comment. What display adapter does your computer dell latitude e6430 bcm20702a0 Please give this a try this: Hi PJ, You are very welcome! I was struggling to increase brightness due to brightness key was not working. I am very glad that the brightness adjustment tip helped with your Inspiron 15! Hello, I just tried latittude got nothing. Thank you for your comment Ismael!

I am VERY glad this technique worked for your laptop. Thank you very much for the tip.