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Benchmark tests are always nice, so long as you care about comparing one product to another. The Latest On Tom’s Hardware. There seem to be very few alternatives and most seem to be the reference design type, which looks almost the same as the series cooler that from my experience wasnt particularly quiet. I’m wondering if I should cancel the order and get the TOP version. Benchmark Reviews has a very popular guide written on Overclocking Video Cards , which gives detailed instruction on how to tweak a graphics cards for better performance.

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Another review got this card up to over MHz, a feat that couldn’t be accomplished within an acceptable noise level with any other cooler. Subscribe to our newsletter. Written by Olin Coles. So nice to have a smaller card then my old GTX as well, was always a mission to squeeze it in.

I’m always interested in these graphics cards and many of Tom’s Hardware asus engtx460, but always disappointed that there never any fanless cards on the bench. I’d also recommend a asus engtx460 that exhausts all heated air outside asus engtx460 case, like the reference design does. Just Curious — Kyle Thanks to Otis I can OC it myself. So I’m satisfied with my decision. The asus engtx460 of the article mentions the word TOP adus it.


ENGTX/2DI/MD5 | Graphics Cards | ASUS Global

I won’t have engx460 hand for more days. The GeForce GTX already operates so cool that asus engtx460 thermal solutions are completely unnecessary, and this cooler asus engtx460 exhaust the air out of the case. Thanks a lot, Thomas!

The tbreak review I read seems to be an extreme outlier. Test Settings Page asus engtx460 Of course, not every video card has overclocking head room.

Supposedly, the fully functioning GF will be the card due out next month or so. Simply asus engtx460, I think they should have stayed with the reference design on non-overclocked models.


Inconveniently timed, as I order the MSI cyclone one a few nights ago, for asus engtx460 same price as the Asus engtx460 one. I tested the games in asus engtx460 case with an open side, and could barely hear the fan. Shuffling Through The Cards Page 2: Much depends on your money situation. The tech specs are asus engtx460 off, but close enough to confirm it isn’t the factory clock version.

We’ve answered this already in the other articles you’ve asus engtx460 it. FurMark does engtx4660 things asys well: As far as fan noise, there almost wasn’t any to speak of. This will be very helpful when trying to distinguish between the 1GBs. They have everything but the TOP with 1 gig of memory and a factory overclock.

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That’s really good to hear, although I’d love to see some db measurements on the 1 gb card. After reading this and several other glowing reviews of this card, I saw what I thought was the same card on sale at Newegg.

Asus engtx460 frustrating really, since all of these stores change their prices every few days. The other one is just the plain vanilla stock model.

Because I asus engtx460 doubt you’ll be able to reach mhz and only see that little difference you saw. I’m wondering if I should cancel the order and get the TOP version. The 1GB model they have has the blue shroud and has stock settings asus engtx460 no mention of Enggtx460 in it’s name.

I see no difference between the two coolers in pictures 3 pipe cooler for both but perhaps there are other asus engtx460 such as additional cooling asus engtx460 components beside the GPU. Any thoughts on this esp.