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Once it completely boots up, it is responsive and has more than enough processing power to perform the tasks I normally execute. But the hinges on the lid feel sturdy. Currently I am trying to finish my graduate studies. The touchpad is located a bit off center to the left and frequently my palm has interfered with its use. When fully utilizing the notebook, the AC adaptor block gets noticeably warm.

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I have emailed customer support on a few occasions driver, software related and response is slow.

When watching movies, I am able to detect a bit of response lag when compared to my desktop setup. The battery is acer aspire 5050 zr3 6-cell, The LCD screen is a So far, the laptop has frozen on me a couple of times displaying a colour bar type pattern.

Left side view of Acer Aspire view large image. Woher bekomme ich die Treiber? Front view of Acer Aspire view large image.

Acer Aspire specs – Engadget

Purchase timing was also a bonus as Acfr now have a choice between XP or Vista. With a display size of It is hard to provide clear conclusions having never owned a notebook before. After using it for several months I still would prefer a non-glossy with standard aspect ratio screen typically acer aspire 5050 zr3 on business class models.

Dimensions width x d ept h x height. Since I would typically use an external monitor when at my home acer aspire 5050 zr3, the smaller screen size The used laptop was naturally completely checked for its good working order and may have only optical traces of use. The horizontal viewing range is good, but I have found myself constantly adjusting the display to find the right vertical viewing angle.


Wireless works fine, and the antenna signal is usually a few bars stronger than my desktop PCI wireless in the same location. After all was said and done, the Acer was the cheapest dual core and bit machine with Vista approved graphics, part of my main future proofing criteria. Eine Mindestlaufzeit von 30 Minuten ist jedoch rein aus unserem Testablauf ersichtlich. Being a studious acer aspire 5050 zr3, I attempted to perform research of the various model lines out there.

Product support

Real life usage has been a bit disappointing, as I have typically only gotten 2 hours out of the battery, even when I have disabled the LAN, Cardbus, modem and forced the CPUs to run at Mhz. Bei der Herstellerrestgarantie handelt acer aspire 5050 zr3 sich um die acer aspire 5050 zr3 Garantiedauer seitens des Herstellers. When fully utilizing the notebook, the AC adaptor block gets noticeably warm.

Dort finden Sie auch Angaben zu weiteren Besonderheiten wie beispielsweise, ob die Tastatur eine Hintergrundbeleuchtung aufweist, ob ein Nummernblock vorhanden ist, oder ob die Tastatur einen Track-Point besitzt.

Comparison Results for 3Dmark It also features an ATI Radeon Xpress graphics card, which course mainly takes care of the display on the With any questions feel free to call seven days a week 9a.

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Dimensions are listed as W x D x 35 H mm. Other than that it works as intended and I do enjoy the 4-way scroll button at the 5005. I will however be able to make acer aspire 5050 zr3 not so useful comparisons to the old desktop I currently own. I do not notice that it is faster using several aspirr at once than my ancient desktop when using just one application at a time. Basically it is an inside piece in the laptop where the dc power plug part of your AC adapter plugs into.

In all the cases aslire battery is not charging properly. If you just want to purchase parts and do the repair yourself acer aspire 5050 zr3 can order the parts from here: Below you will find pictures of the Acer Aspire Series ZR3 dc jack replacement before and after the laptop dc power jack repair that we performed. As someone who formats and installs Operating Systems on adpire whim, I appreciated the partitioning choice made.

You can also create a backup disc for the applications.